Akiva Dulanga


A dusky hued skin tone combined with pure white hair.
Akiva has nearly an ageless beauty to her.
She has been acquiring silver streaks in her hair since the rebellion of Manosque.


Chair of the Convention on Shadowlands
Vice-Chair of the Convention on Plague
Committee on Fashion

One of the oldest of Saturn’s Chosen, the Doombringer was a cold and efficient assassin for the Bureau. And many believe she still is. Exalting a little under a millennium later than Chejop, she observed much of the rise of the First Age that she helped end.

As the highest ranked Sidereal in the Division of Endings it is remarked that she does not Chair a Directional Convention.

There is gossip that she would like to extend the information network of the Convention on Shadowlands deeper into the Underworld. However the resources of Heaven and the Bureau are considered limited and thought by others to be better invested into Creation.

Akiva Dulanga

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