Anys Syn


Infinitely Serene
Implacably Calm
These are the descriptions of observers who have watched the Ancient Sifu wield the Martial Arts.

Always seen in stern and elegant yet appropriate clothing that never inhibit her movements or grace.


Chosen of Battles

Convention of Warfare
Convention of Essence Wielders
Chair of the Convention of Martial Arts

Many whisper that if there is a physical shape to the Perfected Lotus of Understanding, Anys Syn would be it.
Bearing the Exaltation of a casualty of the Aftershock War, the Chosen of Battles threw herself into the lessons and everything else that she was expected to as Heaven’s Soldier. And more.

Naturally excelling at all martial disciplines and seeming to enjoy the strife of training.
It was with the training of Martial Arts and the rapid Blossoming of the Lotus that Heaven took notice. Along with the return of a living legend as her sifu.

The Last Student of Hadeon continues teach as she was taught and take on the most promising of students. Her time is stretched very thin as she includes the promising students and upper ranks of the Immaculate Order she helped create, direct and mold in the Five Glorious Styles the crafted.

Many divinities look upon the martial Order as a simple extension of her.

Anys Syn

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