Bitter Pill


The best description of her is plain average.
She is of average height and plain dirty blonde hair.
With such an appearance she blends in with nearly any Northern culture.

She has a scare from just above her left eye that extends across and down to her lower right jaw.

Gossips frequently attributes it to either the Fair Folk invasion, the Usurpation or when she first Exalted.


Chosen of Serenity
Vice-Chair of the Convention of the Wyld

Exalting in the aftermath of the Cascading Years, she quickly learned much about the Wyld and all it could bring forth. As a result she has a reputation for adapting and can bring sorcery, martial arts and whatever else is necessary to fight Fate’s enemies.

She is also a noted expert on Etiquette, Protocol, Procedures and their history in Yu-Shan and the many cultures in Creation.

Bitter Pill

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